Given the emphasis on publications in ISI/WoS, it is good to check the performance of LSIBF. To do an institutional search in WoS (click here),

Academic Advice from Sanjiv Das

I came across the blog of Sanjiv Das after reading his 2007 paper published in Management Science (click here). I find that his posting on

UM III: Clear Promotion Criteria

I am a strong advocate of a clear promotion criteria for academics. As pointed out by Kim et al. (2009: 354), the higher education sector

UM II: A Model of Reward Structure for ISI/WoS Publications

In my previous posting on National Academic Award (click here), I noted there is still much room for improvement in terms of the reward structure

UM I: RM50,000 for Publication in Nature or Science

When I was preparing a module on “Publishing in High Impact Journal” , my google search directed me to the website of UM Vice Chancellor

Grant Application Success

The application result for Fundamental Research Grant Scheme (FRGS), Round 2/2010, has been announced on August 19, 2010. Two applications from LSIBF were approved: Inclusion

The Irish Economy Blog

As I was browsing the website of Prof. Philip R. Lane, I came to know about  The Irish Economy blog which he founded (click here).

Publication Alert

LSIBF would like to congratulate its staffs- Hanudin Amin, Mohd Fahmi Ghazali and Rostinah Supinah- for the publication of their jointly written paper.  The details

Event Alert: Postgraduate Proposal Presentation

There will be a postgratuate proposal presentation at LSIBF as follows: Presenter:  Lim Shiok Ye Title:  Long-run relationship of export, domestic demand and economic growth:

The Ten Commandments for Academics

Why indeed would anyone want to become an academic? What an academic actually does?  A paper jointly written by Michael McAleer and Les Oxley provides