Liquidity Horseraces

When you conduct a liquidity study, which liquidity measure should you use?

Browsing through the literature, you will find hundreds of liquidity measures proposed and utilized by previous studies. This is because liquidity is multifaceted, and each indicator focuses only on a certain attribute of liquidity.

Faced with an enormous menu of liquidity proxies, do you select the most widely used or the easiest to compute?

To guide researchers in their selection, liquidity horseraces provide the reference point. These extensive exercises compare the performance of existing low frequency liquidity proxies, in particularly their correlations with intraday benchmarks, thus saving researchers enormous computational time and high subscription cost for extracting microstructure data.

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Finance Journals Ranking: Google Scholar

Google Scholar (GS) has been my favourite tool for: (1) literature review; (2) tracking citations to my own research articles; (3) tracking citations to key papers in my research topics; (4) determining whether someone is a “Google” scholar (as there are professors whose publications can’t be captured even by GS, which the local netizens called “kangkung”); (5) assessing the quality of academic journals. 

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My Interview with Top 10 of Malaysia

In November 2012, I received an email from the Editorial Team of a corporate magazine, Top 10 of Malaysia, requesting an interview for its upcoming issue. After reading the company profile on the web (click here), I decided to accept the invitation. The vision of the company is noble:

To inspire people to become the best and to be proud of their achievements through the showcasing of excellent achievements and success stories of Malaysian corporations, institutions, organizations and individuals.

The interview is featured in Issue 10 of the magazine, which can be purchased from major bookstores in the Klang Valley. A copy of my interview can be downloaded here in JPG or PDF format.

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My Researcher Portals

There are numerous researcher portal sites available on the web, which provide quick access to the publications of a researcher (click here for a review by Prof Rob Hyndman). After trying some of them, I have decided to sign up for the following portals:

  1. Google Scholar (click here for related post);
  2. Scopus (click here for related post);
  3. ISI/WoS via ResearcherID (click here for related post);
  4. IDEAS;
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Malaysian Citation Centre (MCC)

I just came to know of the existence of Malaysian Citation Centre (MCC). Its website reports that:

“Malaysian Citation Centre (MCC) serves as the database of academic papers published in Malaysian scholarly journals. MCC collects all the published articles, make them accessible through the Malaysian Journal Management System MyJurnal, together with their citations online and in real-time through MyCite, a citation system”

“MCC would be the one-stop centre that would help internationalize Malaysian journal publications, making their contents accessible globally and indexed locally, as well as proposing their indexation by international indexing agencies such as Scopus and the ISI (Institute of Scientific Information) databases”

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