This site was the official blog of Kian-Ping Lim when he served as the Deputy Dean (Research & Innovation) at the Labuan School of International Business and Finance (LSIBF), Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS). During his term, the blog reported research activities and publications by staffs and graduate students at his school. Apart from that,  research news and useful resources around the world such as conferences, workshops, dataset, writing tips, were disseminated to the LSIBF community via this blog. Occasionally, KP also covered issues related to the Malaysian higher eduction, which he categorized under ‘KP Opinion’ (i.e., the views expressed were his personal opinion).

When his 2-year term finished at the end of 2011, KP continues to maintain the blog as research is always his passion. However, the readers are no longer limited to the LSIBF community. To better reflect the scope of his postings, the blog is renamed from “Research News: From and For LSIBF” to “Research News: From KP

Kian-Ping Lim maintains his personal website at His research update is posted at

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