The Ten Commandments for Ranking University Quality

Prof. Michael McAleer, a world class economist and econometrician, shares his views on a list of important factors for assessing and ranking University Quality (for his research, click here). His paper entitled “The Ten Commandments for Ranking University Quality” is published in Journal of Economic Surveys, one of the leading economic journal with a current impact factor of 1.228 (click here for full paper, but requires subscription).

His Ten Commandments are:

  1. Know Yourself
  2. Appoint and Retain High-Quality Staff
  3. Accept that Size Does Matter
  4. Strike a Sensible Balance between Research and Teaching
  5. Determine the Importance of Research Centres and Research Staff
  6. Rank Research Output and Quality Using Objective Criteria
  7. Develop Objective Indicators of Teaching and Supervisory Quality
  8. Incorporate the Quality of Undergraduate and Graduate Students
  9. Evaluate the Quality of Overseas Students
  10. Avoid Ridicule