UM III: Clear Promotion Criteria

I am a strong advocate of a clear promotion criteria for academics. As pointed out by Kim et al. (2009: 354), the higher education sector is one of those knowledge-based industries in which individual productivity is recognizable and individual reputation is important.  Academics are always promoted based on their research output in recognition for their contribution to academia

What I mean by clear promotion criteria is that they should be objective and measurable. I would like to use University Malaya as a case study (click here for the full audit report).

UM has outlined her target of being ranked in the World’s Top 200 within 2 years and the World’s Top 100 within 5 years. To achieve that, the Vice Chancellor has outlined his strategic plans in the above report, and also the website of the Office of VC (click here). In terms of academic promotion criteria, it is clear that research productivity is rewarded by the university (see slides 12-14). More importantly, the criteria are objective and measurable, for instance 1) the number of citations; 2) h-index of researcher; 3) publications in Tier 1 and Tier journals.