The Ten Commandments for Academics

Why indeed would anyone want to become an academic? What an academic actually does?  A paper jointly written by Michael McAleer and Les Oxley provides some understanding of an academic job description, as well as the associated responsibilities and enjoyment of being an academic. Their paper entitled “The Ten Commandments for Academics” is published in Journal of Economic Surveys, one of the leading economic journal with a current impact factor of 1.228 (click here for full paper, but requires subscription).

Their Ten Commandments are:

  1. Choose Intellectual Rewards over Money
  2. Seek Wisdom before Tenure
  3. Protect Freedom of Speech and Thought Vigorously
  4. Defend and Respect Intellectual Quests Passionately
  5. Embrace the Challenge of Teaching Undergraduate Students
  6. Acknowledge the Enjoyment in Supervising Graduate Students
  7. Be Generous with Office Hours
  8. Use Vacation Time Wisely
  9. Attend Excellent Conferences at Great Locations
  10. Age Gracefully Like Great Wine