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Malaysian Citation Centre (MCC)

I just came to know of the existence of Malaysian Citation Centre (MCC). Its website reports that: “Malaysian Citation Centre (MCC) serves as the database

In Loving Memory of Prof. Melvin J. Hinich: III

Prof. Melvin Hinich passed away on Sept 7, 2010, but his legacy still lives on today. I continue to receive emails from researchers around the

‘Noise’ Researchers

In 1986, Fischer Black delivered his presidential address to the American Finance Association, with an elegant title “Noise” (click here to see the published version

Annual Review of Financial Economics

This is a journal that I highly recommend to those interested in financial economics (click here). The editors are Andrew Lo and Robert Merton, both

UMS for RU

When I took my Competence Level Assessment V (PTK5) at the end of 2010, one of the assignments was on “Fulfilling Universiti Malaysia Sabah’s Aspiration

Taking “Research News” Private

This site was the official blog of Kian-Ping Lim when he served as the Deputy Dean (Research & Innovation) at the Labuan School of International

When Good Researchers Were Not Valued

If you have finished listening or reading those guides on publishing in international journals, I believe that you will conclude that: (1) the publishing world

Academic Finance as a Career: by Don Chance

In my earlier post on “What’s the Fuss about KPI?” (click here), I speculated that those who made a big fuss about KPI is because

In Loving Memory of Prof. Melvin J. Hinich: II

Prof. Melvin Hinich passed away seven months ago on Sept 7, 2010 (click here for my first post). I lost a great mentor whom I

Young Researcher Award: How Young is Young?

It is indeed encouraging to learn that numerous research awards have been created by Malaysian universities to reward their staffs for research excellence (click here