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Statistical Tests for Weak-Form Market Efficiency

Over the years, I received numerous email enquiries on topics related to market efficiency. My survey article in Journal of Economic Surveys provides a useful

Web of Science: How to rectify data error?

I noticed that there was an error when Web of Science (WoS) recorded my paper published in Physica A. The Elsevier’s website reported two affiliations,

Resources for Research on Financial Development

For researchers who are interested to explore on the area of financial development, Yongfu Huang’s website contains excellent resources including data sets (click here).  

Using Dropbox for Research

I have been using Dropbox for more than a year now, and have nothing but praise for this software.  Among the benefits that I reap

Microsoft Academic Search Engine

I have been an avid fan of Google products. For academic search, Google Scholar is my preferred choice.  I just came across the beta version

A Guide to Publishing in International Peer-reviewed Journals: IV

Another good publishing tips from Elsevier. You can either google search “How to get Published: A guide to publishing in scholarly journals” or click this

SciVerse Applications

SciVerse Applications is a marketplace and developer network that allows the scientific community to build, find and use applications that enhance the research experience. Through

Subscribing Research Trends: It is FREE!

Research Trends is powered by Sciverse Scopus, the largest abstract and citation database of peer-reviewed literature and quality Web sources, with smart tools to track,

Bibliometric, Scientometric & Informetric Indicators

I just came across a very interesting research blog. If you are interested to know more about the above indicators, this blog on Science Intelligence

Academic Finance as a Career: by Don Chance

In my earlier post on “What’s the Fuss about KPI?” (click here), I speculated that those who made a big fuss about KPI is because