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U.S. Public University Salaries

I came across a database on U.S. Public University Salaries, maintained by the Collegiate Times. This database is provided in accordance with the respective states’

Free World Bank Database

One of the difficulties that I face in UMS is when asking students to do research-oriented project paper. The main obstacle is data accessibility, because

Dataset for Financial Development

In my earlier posting, I recommended the website of Yongfu Huang which contains excellent resources for research on financial development (click here). Currently, my undergraduate

Stock Market Liberalization II

In my previous posting (click here), I provided an overview of the stock market liberalization indicators in the existing literature. This post will share some

Stock Market Liberalization

My postgraduate student, Chang Kwok Boon, has just submitted his Master thesis entitled “Foreign Ownership and the Informational Efficiency of Malaysian Stocks”. Among others, his

Real-time Inflation Index

The Billion Prices Project is an academic initiative that uses prices collected from hundreds of online retailers around the world on a daily basis to

Historical Public Debt Database

This database covers gross government debt-to-GDP ratios for nearly the entire IMF membership (174 countries) and spanning an exceptionally long time period.  

Resources for Research on Financial Development

For researchers who are interested to explore on the area of financial development, Yongfu Huang’s website contains excellent resources including data sets (click here).  

World Bank Research Datasets

The World Bank has provided, free of cost, datasets used in their research projects (click here for the link).    

Professor Andrei Shleifer’s Data Sets

Professor Andrei Shleifer, a leading scholar in finance, has generously provided the datasets used in many of his influential papers (click here). For instance, his