Free World Bank Database

One of the difficulties that I face in UMS is when asking students to do research-oriented project paper. The main obstacle is data accessibility, because our library doesn’t subscribe to key economic and financial databases. Luckily, the courses that I taught at the moment are quantitative-based or in the area of economics. The free database that I recommended to my students is the one provided by World Bank, in particularly World Development Indicators (click here).

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Dataset for Financial Development

In my earlier posting, I recommended the website of Yongfu Huang which contains excellent resources for research on financial development (click here). Currently, my undergraduate students are doing their project paper, and some of them work on topics related to financial development. For those who are looking for data on financial development, this is the permanent link at World Bank (click here). This database includes a range of indicators that measure the size, activity, and efficiency of financial intermediaries and markets. As of this post, the database has been updated through 2010. 

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Stock Market Liberalization II

In my previous posting (click here), I provided an overview of the stock market liberalization indicators in the existing literature. This post will share some slides that provide a systematic literature review on the subject matter.

Before you download (click here), there are some short remarks:

  • These slides are extracted from my 2012 lecture at Labuan School of International Business and Finance for the course “Current Issues in International Financial Economics
  • The objective is to share with researchers the existing indicators that can be used when studying the effects of stock market liberalization.
  • The structure of this literature review has been used by my postgraduate student (Chang Kwok Boon) in his Master Thesis “Foreign Ownership and the Informational Efficiency of Malaysian Stocks”, and also papers to be extracted from the thesis.

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Stock Market Liberalization

My postgraduate student, Chang Kwok Boon, has just submitted his Master thesis entitled “Foreign Ownership and the Informational Efficiency of Malaysian Stocks”. Among others, his Chapter 2 conducts an extensive survey of the existing indicators for stock market liberalization, with the ultimate objective of justifying the superiority of foreign ownership.

I hereby extract the summary that he provided in his thesis:


Real-time Inflation Index

The Billion Prices Project is an academic initiative that uses prices collected from hundreds of online retailers around the world on a daily basis to conduct economic research. This project was designed by the M.I.T. economists Alberto Cavallo and Roberto Rigobon (for more information, click here and here).

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