Academic Advice from Sanjiv Das

I came across the blog of Sanjiv Das after reading his 2007 paper published in Management Science (click here).

I find that his posting on “Need PhD?” provides some useful thoughts for early career researchers, prospective PhD students, and academics in general (click here).

I like the concluding remark: “If you “know” that you enjoy research and will love teaching, don’t mind working all the time, anytime, for small money but great personal satisfaction, then sign up now. But don’t do it because you think the lifestyle is great, or you believe some rosy picture of an academic in an ivory tower“.

Enjoy your reading!

Tips from Rob Hyndman

I find this article “What to do when the PhD is finished?” by Rob  Hyndman is useful to staffs in LSIBF that have returned to serve the school after completing their PhD. Of course, we do not need to make a choice here.  In our academic route, you will notice that Rob always emphasizes  the importance of research and publications. Quoting from his words, “all you have to do is keep churning out papers every year for the rest of your working days!“.

I always remind myself and friends that PhD is just the beginning of our academic career. We need to keep on writing quality papers and consolidate our research.

Research Tips from Professor Rob J Hyndman

Rob Hyndman is a Professor of Statistics in Monash University. Through his blog, he constantly discusses some important and latest research issues, which are useful for early career researchers and postgraduate students.

I strongly recommend subscribing to the RSS feed of his research blog.  You can also visit his personal website to see his academic credentials. He is truly a world-class scholar. Continue reading