UM I: RM50,000 for Publication in Nature or Science

When I was preparing a module on “Publishing in High Impact Journal” , my google search directed me to the website of UM Vice Chancellor Office (click here). I am really impressed by their focus on research excellence, in particularly their strong drive for ISI/WoS publications.

In a notice posted on 16/4/2010 (click here), UM VC has announced a new reward for publication in Science or Nature, i.e. a monetary reward of RM50,000 per paper. This is similar to the incentive given by Badminton Association of Malaysia for World Championships gold (click here or here). The most attractive part is that there is no limit to the number of paper one can claim, provided that UM academic staff is the first author. This incentive will surely motivate their staffs to publish in high quality journals.

As a Malaysian, I am glad to learn that UM is moving in the right direction, and hope that the university will one day be ranked among the top 100 leading universities in international rankings.