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My Facebook Page

I have created a FB Page “KP The Researcher” (click here). I find that it is more convenient to share links to research articles, current

My Interview with Top 10 of Malaysia

In November 2012, I received an email from the Editorial Team of a corporate magazine, Top 10 of Malaysia, requesting an interview for its upcoming

My Researcher Portals

There are numerous researcher portal sites available on the web, which provide quick access to the publications of a researcher (click here for a review

Statistical Tests for Weak-Form Market Efficiency

Over the years, I received numerous email enquiries on topics related to market efficiency. My survey article in Journal of Economic Surveys provides a useful

Articles in Press (as of October 2012)

This page provides a quick access to my papers in press. They can be cited using the DOI provided by the publishers.

Adaptive Markets Hypothesis Appears in Malaysian Press

I was surprised and excited to learn that the AMH was featured in the Malaysian Press (The Star, click here or here). The AMH, proposed

My PhD Thesis

I started my PhD study at Monash University on 15 October 2005 after receiving a staff scholarship from Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS). My thesis, under the supervision of

My Non-Technical Writings

In the early years of my career, I was asked by The Technical Analyst to share my knowledge with the practitioners. This UK-based magazine is a

Web of Science: How to rectify data error?

I noticed that there was an error when Web of Science (WoS) recorded my paper published in Physica A. The Elsevier’s website reported two affiliations,

My Contribution to UMS Publications in ISI/WoS

At present, many Malaysian universities define research quality in terms of publications in journals indexed by Thomson ISI/WoS. An earlier posting has compiled all my