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What’s the Fuss about KPI?

Some years ago, my buddy Tuck-Cheong Tang forwarded an interesting article by Faria (2003) on the classification of economists, which I would like to share

Competence Level Assessment (PTK)

Cuepacs, the umbrella union for civil servants, has been urging the government to abolish the Competence Level Assessment (PTK) for many years (for the latest,

In Loving Memory of Prof. Melvin J. Hinich: I

I am deeply saddened by the news that Prof. Melvin Hinich has passed away on Sept 6, 2010 (click here). It is really touching to read


Given the emphasis on publications in ISI/WoS, it is good to check the performance of LSIBF. To do an institutional search in WoS (click here),

Academic Advice from Sanjiv Das

I came across the blog of Sanjiv Das after reading his 2007 paper published in Management Science (click here). I find that his posting on

UM III: Clear Promotion Criteria

I am a strong advocate of a clear promotion criteria for academics. As pointed out by Kim et al. (2009: 354), the higher education sector

UM II: A Model of Reward Structure for ISI/WoS Publications

In my previous posting on National Academic Award (click here), I noted there is still much room for improvement in terms of the reward structure

UM I: RM50,000 for Publication in Nature or Science

When I was preparing a module on “Publishing in High Impact Journal” , my google search directed me to the website of UM Vice Chancellor

The Irish Economy Blog

As I was browsing the website of Prof. Philip R. Lane, I came to know about  The Irish Economy blog which he founded (click here).

Area of Expertise

“Area of Expertise”  refers to the area where one is a specialist in knowledge of and an authority on information in that particular area. In