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A Guide to Publishing in International Peer-reviewed Journals: III

Nowadays, with Google, it is not difficult to find materials on publishing tips. From the many materials that have been downloaded, I recommend the following

A Guide to Publishing in International Peer-reviewed Journals: II

Wiley Chinese Scholars Network (CSN) provides text, audio, and video resources to support the journey to publication for Chinese authors in an English-language journal. In

A Guide to Publishing in International Peer-reviewed Journals: I

Nowadays, greater weight is being given to publications in good quality journals, especially those indexed by Thomson ISI/WoS. Researchers, especially early career or those from

Academic Advice from Sanjiv Das

I came across the blog of Sanjiv Das after reading his 2007 paper published in Management Science (click here). I find that his posting on

The Ten Commandments for Academics

Why indeed would anyone want to become an academic? What an academic actually does?  A paper jointly written by Michael McAleer and Les Oxley provides

Submission Fees I

When submitting a manuscript to an international journal, it is  not unusual to read from the Guide for Authors (especially for journals in the area

PhD Thesis Examiners’ Expectations on Literature Review

For academic staff at LSIBF who is planning to pursue your PhD study, you might find the following article helpful: Holbrook, A., Bourke, S., Fairbairn,

Research Tips from Professor Rob J Hyndman

Rob Hyndman is a Professor of Statistics in Monash University. Through his blog, he constantly discusses some important and latest research issues, which are useful