Malaysian Citation Centre (MCC)

I just came to know of the existence of Malaysian Citation Centre (MCC). Its website reports that:

“Malaysian Citation Centre (MCC) serves as the database of academic papers published in Malaysian scholarly journals. MCC collects all the published articles, make them accessible through the Malaysian Journal Management System MyJurnal, together with their citations online and in real-time through MyCite, a citation system”

“MCC would be the one-stop centre that would help internationalize Malaysian journal publications, making their contents accessible globally and indexed locally, as well as proposing their indexation by international indexing agencies such as Scopus and the ISI (Institute of Scientific Information) databases”

The three products of MCC are:

  1. MyCite
  2. MyJurnal
  3. MyAIS

My Googling found a PDF file providing a good introduction to MCC (click here). Even though it is commendable to aim for indexation by Scopus and ISI/WoS, inclusion in Google Scholar Metrics would be a good starting step to internationalize Malaysian journals.  Prof Rob Hyndman provided a good review of Google Scholar Metrics (click here).