My Researcher Portals

There are numerous researcher portal sites available on the web, which provide quick access to the publications of a researcher (click here for a review by Prof Rob Hyndman). After trying some of them, I have decided to sign up for the following portals:

  1. Google Scholar (click here for related post);
  2. Scopus (click here for related post);
  3. ISI/WoS via ResearcherID (click here for related post);
  4. IDEAS;
  5. Mendeley.

Through Google search, you can also find my CV in the Expertise Directory maintained by my institution (click here). The university has a built-in mechanism that “encourages” the staffs to sign up for this portal, as every academic promotion application must be submitted through this CV-Online. After filling in all the publications, your Expertise profile will be displayed in the Directory.

Personally, I am not proud to be associated with this portal site, mainly because the publication details were not cited in the standard format (as if the profile owner doesn’t know how to do proper academic citations). You can’t really tell whether a particular entry is a book, book chapter, journal article or conference paper. If you search through the Directory, you can find some “experts” with long list of publications, but a cross-check with Google Scholar/Scopus/WoS doesn’t return any results. For a better Expertise Directory in Malaysia, I would recommend the system used by Universiti Putra Malaysia (for a sample, click here). Of course, there are others worth considering in which the publications are displayed properly.