Using Dropbox for Research

I have been using Dropbox for more than a year now, and have nothing but praise for this software. ¬†Among the benefits that I reap are: (1) It provides online backup of all files in addition to my iMac Time Machine; (2) I am working using multiple computers- PC (at office), iMac (at home after office hour), and Netbook (while traveling). Dropbox will automatically update the files to the latest version in all computers; (3) I can easily share folders with big files with colleagues, collaborators and my postgraduate students; (4) ¬†When I didn’t bring computers with me (especially in conferences), I still can access my files via iPhone.

I have recommended this software even to my undergraduate students, and they found it perfect for group projects. Dropbox also received good reviews from Prof Rob Hyndman (see here, here and here).

Do you still need more time to consider?

If you are using someone else computer, you still can access your files as long as there is internet connection


If you are working at home (iMac), office (PC) or traveling (Netbook), you can sync them via Dropbox


You can share your folders with colleagues, students or collaborators


Dropbox folders in my iMac


Sharing your folders with others via Dropbox