My Manuscript Submission-Tracking Software

When I started my academic career in 2002, I used to keep my submission records in the traditional way, that is keeping all the hardcopies in lever arch files. During my PhD candidature in Australia, due to limited office space and to avoid the trouble of shipping boxes of papers back home, I have cultivated the habit of reading articles onscreen and keeping all my records electronically. For tracking my article submissions, Microsoft Excel spreadsheet was the convenient choice at that time.

After returning to Malaysia, I purchased The Writer’s Scribe, a desktop application that runs on Mac and PC. The software helps to keep track the papers that I submitted, which journals I submitted to, the status of the submission, and the duration of the reviewing process. Users can also generate reports for different categories. Of course, there are other alternative programs in the market, such as The Working Writer, Write Again, and Sonar. However, I am not sure whether they are well-suited for tracking academic submissions.