My Publications with Taylor & Francis (Applied Economics Series)

During my bachelor (UKM) and master degree (UPM), the Applied Economics (AE) Series published by Taylor & Francis were one of the most popular journals in libraries (click here). The AE Series contains Applied Economics, Applied Financial Economics, Applied Economics Letters & Applied Financial Economics Letters (2005-2008, later incorporated into AEL). Even when I started my academic career with UMS, the library there also has a complete collection of AE Series.

Against this backdrop, it was natural for me to harbor the dream of publishing my articles in all the AE Series. As noted earlier, my first ISI/WoS article is published in Applied Economics in 2003 (click here). My “Grand Slam” dream finally materialized in 2009, with articles published in AFEL (2007), AEL (2009), and AFE (2009).

As of 2011, I have 10 articles published in the AE Series- Applied Economics (2), Applied Financial Economics (1), Applied Economics Letters (5), and Applied Financial Economics Letters (2). The 2 forthcoming papers have been assigned to 2012 and 2013 under the Build Issue service by the publisher (articles are entered straight into the online issue upon receipt of the corrected proofs and thereby receive page numbers immediately and publish to an accelerated timescale).

Liew et al_2003_AE