Volume 7 of LBIBF

Volume 7 of Labuan Bulletin of International Business & Finance (LBIBF) is available in electronic version. LBIBF is published once a year in December (prior to the year 2005, it was published twice a year in June and December) by LSIBF. The journal provides a platform for empirical researchers interested in issues relevant to international business and finance in all its aspects. More information on LBIBF is available here.

After going through the blind refereeing process, the following five articles have been accepted and published in this 2009 volume:

  1. Regional Income Disparity in Malaysia: Is Sabah Converging, Catching-Up with or Falling Behind Other States In Malaysia? (by Muzafar Shah Habibullah, A.M. Dayang-Affizzah and Kian-Ping Lim).
  2. Herding Measures in Equity Markets: A Case Study of Bursa Malaysia (by Yoke-Chen Wong and Kim-Lian Kok)
  3. Mobile Wallet Acceptance in Sabah: An Empirical Analysis (by Hanudin Amin)
  4. Terms of Trade and Trade Balance in Korea, Hong Kong and Singapore (by Hock- Tsen Wong)
  5. Structural Change in the Efficiency of the ASEAN Stock Markets after the Millennium (by Sheung Tat Chan And Terence Tai-Leung Chong)

All the five articles can be downloaded directly from the journal’s website.